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Moving Is Hard

Whether moving a 1-bedroom apartment or moving a 2-story home, nobody likes to move. Let’s face it, it’s a hassle. But having a dedicated and reliable moving service can take all of that weight off of your shoulders!

Derrick’s Moving Service is a small, independent moving company based in Dallas, TX that serves the DFW metroplex. We know how much of a hassle moving can be for our clients, but it’s something we’re good at! And to hear how much stress we take away is just as important as doing all of the heavy lifting.

Why our moving service?

Why Hire Derrick’s Moving Service Over the Others?

We make no secret about what we do – We are movers! Moving takes a lot of care, a lot of strength, and a lot of effort. And we feel we move just as well as the big companies do! But where larger companies have earned the right to charge much higher prices because of their names, we can stay competitive with lower prices because we don’t inflate the cost with lots of unnecessary overhead.

Why Derrick’s Moving Service?

Derrick’s Moving Service provides lots of convenience online. Take a look at what we offer.

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You can see a list of our rates and get an estimate using our moving calculator. But if you’d like, you can still email us and we can do the calculate the estimate for you.

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A photo gallery of us on the job and pictures with some of our happy customers.

Wall Mounting and Handy Man Services new

Wall Mounting General Handy Man

We also offer wall mounting and handy man services whether you are moving or not. So if you need us to hang your fancy new flat screen TV or if you have toilets that are loose, we’ve got you covered!